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Why Hair Drug Tests Are So Easy To Perform

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The substances you consume can remain in your body for days, weeks, and sometimes even months. An easy way to determine if an employee has consumed illegal substances and violated their employment contract is to remove hair follicles so they can be tested. While this test will not reveal that an employee has consumed all substances, it will reveal that certain substances have been ingested such as methamphetamines. 

Why Your Company Should Perform Drug Tests

Employees who consume certain illegal substances regularly are often not the type of employees you want working for your company. They often have prolonged periods of absence and may be unable to remain productive even when they are at work. Drug addicts will also be more likely to steal from a company so they can pay for their habit. 

Certain professions require that workers not consume illegal substances. For example, delivery drivers must not be under the influence of substances that can interfere with their ability to operate the vehicle safely.

What a Hair Follicle Test Detects

A hair follicle test is one of the least invasive ways to test an employee for whether they have consumed an illegal substance. Once the hair follicle has been collected, it can then be taken to a lab where it can be analyzed. It doesn't matter if the employee washed their hair or added hair dye. The hair follicle test will still be able to detect certain substances and hair dyes will usually not lead to false positives.

A hair follicle test does more than detect illegal substances in one's hair. It can also determine the pattern of drug use. For example, if an employee used to consume an illegal substance but has managed to kick the habit, this will be revealed through hair drug testing.

How to Perform a Hair Drug Test

Fortunately, you do not have to track down a laboratory that is capable of performing hair follicle testing. A hair drug testing service can do it for you. Once you have signed up for the service, your employees will be given instructions on how to carry out the test. 

The hair test usually involves taking strands of hair all around the head. The strands of hair are removed in a manner that avoids creating a bald spot. It's also possible to use body hair if the employee does not have any hair. It's not the only way that an individual can be tested for drugs, but it's a highly convenient method and is very informative.

Contact a local drug testing service, such as AAVCOR, to learn more.