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Reviving Your Spine Health With Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

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Artificial disc replacement surgery is a procedure designed to replace a damaged spinal disc with an artificial one. This type of surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgery. Here is a closer look at what artificial disc replacement surgery entails. What is artificial disc replacement surgery?  Artificial disc replacement surgery is a type of spinal surgery that involves the removal of a damaged spinal disc and its replacement with an artificial disc. Read More»

Is Side Sleeping Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

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Side sleeping can be a good position for some people as it can reduce sleep apnea as well as acid reflux and heartburn. However, for some people, side sleeping can be a detrimental position since it could lead to shoulder pain. Take a look at why side sleeping can cause shoulder issues and how to address the problem. How Could Side Sleeping Cause Shoulder Pain? The weight of the thorax, or region of the body that contains the ribs and thoracic vertebrae, can place additional pressure on the shoulder capsule when a person is side sleeping. Read More»

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Restore Your Life

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Going through an injury or any other kind of health incident, such as a stroke, that might leave you at less than your full physical capabilities can be demoralizing. But it may be possible to restore your life to what it used to be by following your doctor’s advice and seeking out rehabilitation through physical therapy. Here’s how regular physical therapy treatment can have you feeling like your old self again sooner than you might think. Read More»

4 Signs You Should Visit The Eye Doctor

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Many people don’t visit the eye doctor, but many people struggle with vision problems. As you get older, your vision may decline, and some health issues can impact your eyes and vision health. If you would like to know more, check out these four signs you should visit the eye doctor. 1. Your Vision Is Declining Many people experience declining vision for a variety of reasons, including getting older. If you struggle to see distant objects or distant objects appear blurry, you may be developing nearsightedness or myopia. Read More»