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Which Vitamins Are Important For Your Child's Oral Health

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Taking care of your child's teeth is important. Not only should your child brush, floss, and visit the dentist for regular checkups, but they should also get adequate nutrition. Diet is essential to healthy teeth and gums. A diet with a variety of whole foods will provide all the vitamins your child needs to have healthy teeth. The following are the vitamins your child needs each day:

Vitamin D

You have probably heard about the importance of vitamin D and bone health. Vitamin D helps the body properly absorb the calcium needed to keep the bones and teeth strong. Taking in enough vitamin D helps to avoid teeth and bone breakage as well. In addition, this vitamin helps keep sickness away. Vitamin D comes naturally from the sun, but you can also get it from food. Eating a diet high in citrus and milk helps increase vitamin D.


Calcium is what primarily makes up the teeth. If your child does not get enough calcium, the body will take it from the bones and teeth. Calcium can be derived from fish, grains, rice, leafy vegetables, milk, and yogurt.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another important nutrient that helps keep a child's oral health strong. Vitamin C is necessary to keep the gums healthy. Gum health is important because they are what holds the teeth in place. If your child has inadequate vitamin C, their gums can become unhealthy, bleed, and weaken. As gums weaken, it could lead to teeth falling out because the structure is not strong enough to support them. Foods high in vitamin C include citrus, berries, and spinach.


Iron is another important vitamin a child needs to maintain good oral health. Iron keeps the body's immune system strong and helps fight against disease and illness. When iron levels are low, a child can develop gum disease and infections in the mouth.

Iron can be found in eggs, meat, and leafy green vegetables.

A healthy diet is important to a child's teeth and gums. If your child does not like certain foods and cannot get all the vitamins they need, you can supplement with vitamins. Be sure to speak to your child's dentist to get the proper dosage for your child's age and weight. You can also get your child's nutrient levels checked at the pediatrician's office. If you have any questions about vitamins and oral health, be sure to speak to your child's dentist.

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