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Ways You May Damage Your Hearing Aids

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Proper hearing aid care and maintenance can help you get the most out of your hearing aid. They are sensitive pieces of electronics that may not work well if certain things happen. Here are some ways that hearing aids become damaged and how you can keep yours in top condition.

Common Causes of Hearing Aid Damage

Most hearing aids are durable with normal use. However, if you have experienced any of the things listed below, your hearing aids may need repair.

Poor Hygiene

When you take off your hearing aids, wipe them down to remove excess ear wax. You can use a specialized brush or a soft, dry cloth.

Bad Habits

Bad habits include not taking your hearing aids out when you use a hairdryer or hair spray. You could also damage or lose them if you take them out and do not put them in your case.


Dropping your hearing aid on a hard surface could cause them to break apart.

Temperature Fluctuations

Extreme cold or hot temperatures could damage your hearing aid. Do not leave your hearing aids in your car. Cold temperatures, such as outdoors in winter, can also affect hearing aids.

Water and Moisture Exposure

Even if your hearing aids are classified as waterproof, don't wear them while you swim or shower. Also, protect the devices if you tend to sweat heavily during exercise.

Ways to Preserve and Maintain Your Hearing Aid

You can reduce the chance of hearing aid damage by doing the following things in the following list.

Clean Them

You can clean them yourself, but be careful what solutions you use. Have them professionally cleaned as recommended.

Take Them Out When Needed

While you should wear them as much as possible, you should also take them off from time to time. Especially take them out when you think you might damage or lose them, like when you sleep.

Use a Dehumidifier

You can buy a specialized hearing aid dehumidifier to remove moisture from your hearing aids. Dehumidifiers are especially useful if you live in an area with extreme weather.

Store Them Properly

Make sure you keep your storage case handy when you want to take your hearing aids off. The case protects them and reduces the chance of them getting lost.

If you discover your hearing aids don't work well, see your audiologist. They can look them over your and make repairs if needed. In some cases, your hearing aids may only need maintenance. If you haven't seen your hearing aid specialist in a while, drop in for hearing aid maintenance.