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How Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgery Helps Retail Workers With MCL Tears

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The knee is one of the most important joints on the body because it helps to make a body stable and prevents trips and falls. Unfortunately, it is possible to suffer from injuries like medial collateral ligament tears that may make it hard for a person to stand or walk, making it very hard for those in retail to do their duties. As a result, robotic-arm assisted knee surgery may be necessary.

Medial Collateral Ligament Tears Can Be Devastating

The medial collateral ligament or MCL is an important linking ligament that connects the thigh to the shin along the knee. It helps to keep the leg stable and provides strength for retail workers who may be lifting heavy objects for hours at a time or standing throughout their shift. Unfortunately, all of this strain on their ligament could cause it to tear and trigger a broad range of pain symptoms.

For example, intense pain and swelling should occur immediately after the injury occurs, which will take a person out of their job. Unfortunately, the torn ligament may cause instability in the leg that forces an individual to stay out of work, as they wait for it to heal. Thankfully, high-quality robotic arm-assisted knee surgery may help to decrease a person's recovery time and strengthen their knee.

How Robotic Knee Surgery May Help

Robotic-assisted knee surgery utilizes a strong and stable mechanical arm that doctors can use to perform delicate surgery on torn ligaments of the body. The arm is controlled via a handful of remote control elements, making it easier to identify torn elements on the knee. Just as importantly, it also helps to stabilize surgeries to make them easier to perform over a lengthy period.

This extra stability helps to make this type of surgery easier to finish and handle, providing more accuracy at the same time. For example, the robotic arm can help to stabilize the surgical tools more easily and provide more accurate repairs on the ligaments. It also helps to minimize accidents that may otherwise occur, accidents that may cause further damage to the knee that may worsen a person's condition.

Thankfully, this type of surgery can be done reasonably quickly and efficiently at the same time, minimizing their level of pain and providing them with the kind of relief that they need to keep their knee as strong as possible. Just as importantly, this type of surgery often has a faster recovery time than other types of treatments, ensuring that retail workers aren't out of work too long.