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Infused Toothpicks? Why This Odd New Product Is Picking Its Way To Popularity

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An "infused" toothpick is not that new of an idea. Thirty years (and more) ago, toothpick companies would dip toothpicks in peppermint oil as a means of helping people feel as though they had fresher breath and cleaner gums after a meal. Since peppermint oil is also a natural digestive aid, the assumption was that the peppermint oil from the toothpicks would act in the same way as an after-dinner mint or mint gum.

In reality, you needed a lot more mint oil than what was absorbed into the wood of a toothpick, but the idea was not a bad one. Fast forward to this moment in time, and infused toothpicks are, all of a sudden, this fantastic new product that is infused with lots of things and seems to be doing lots of things for one's health too. Check out all of the different infused bits of pointy wood you can use to pick your teeth now. 


Want a little pre-dinner cocktail or post-dinner aperitif? The trouble is, there are so many calories consumed in those pre- and post-dinner drinks, and on an empty stomach, you could be really drunk in no time. Instead, bring a box of your favorite...wait for it...alcohol-infused toothpicks. Yes, now you can pretend to clean your teeth while absorbing the flavor of the rum, brandy, scotch, and even whiskey out of the wood of these little picks. It is like having a little drink, but sans all the calories and alcohol that would have you soused before the main course is served. Additionally, there is less of a chance of you developing cirrhosis of the liver using these picks, a health benefit of avoiding the drinks while still getting a small taste of them. 


There are medicines in this world where only small amounts are needed to make an improvement in your health. Most of the medicines are over-the-counter ones, where dosing is relatively small in comparison to stronger prescription medications. These medications are currently being developed or have been developed into toothpick-soaked doses. What better way to deliver the medication than into the bloodstream in the gums? Some alternative, natural, and herbal remedy shops are already selling their own varieties of medicinally- and herbal-infused picks, in case you want to give them a try. 

Why It Is Growing in Popularity

Lots of people use toothpicks. It is the easiest way to remove food from your teeth and gums when you do not have dental floss on hand. Removing food particles while simultaneously delivering medicine (or your favorite alcohol flavors) to the rich, blood-infused gum tissues seems quite convenient. It is helping to keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy while delivering a little something extra to your bloodstream or taste buds. 

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