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Therapy Dolls for Use with Alzheimer's Patients

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Loved ones with Alzheimer's fear the world every day due to their memory loss. This leaves them vulnerable, and it creates paranoia and a sense of distrust. Recent studies demonstrate the positive benefits that therapy dolls create for Alzheimer's patients. If you or someone you know is going through Alzheimer's, talk to their doctor about therapy dolls for sale

Benefits of a Therapy Doll

  • Mental stimulation

Alzheimer's patients may not be able to regenerate missing brain cells, but they can hinder the degeneration with mental stimulation. Having a therapy doll to care for keeps the patient busy. They have to move and think to attend to the doll

  • Provides responsibility

The doll gives the user something to do. This can entertain the user for a duration of time. It also keeps people with Alzheimer's inside their unit and occupied, reducing cases of wandering. 

  • Increased communication

Many patients speak with the doll. The doll gives the patient someone to talk to, and it gives them something to talk about with other people. This increase of communication also increases mental stimulation. 

  • Empathetic/ Positive Emotions

Babies bring out joy in most people, and Alzheimer's patients are no expectation. The doll evokes nurturing and kind emotions that result in positive behavior and also soothes the patient. The doll can also act as a security blanket, creating a sense of comfort.

Introducing the Doll

First, you have to pick the correct doll. Researchers highly recommend getting a realistically sized doll at 15 - 20 inches and 3 - 6 lbs. Newborn dolls preformed more favorably than toddler dolls. Do not get a doll that cries because this can create stress for the patient. It's also best to buy a crib for the doll. 

When introducing your loved one to the doll, explain the exact reason for the doll so that they are clear about its purpose. Some loved ones will respond positively right away. Some may be resistant. If your loved one is resistant, do not impose the doll on them. Let them make the decision to interact with the doll. 

Some people don't want to use a doll. A teddy bear or stuffed animal can take the place of a doll in most cases. Do not eliminate doll therapy for men simply because you think a man won't want to care for a baby. Doll therapy is just as effective for men as it is for women.