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3 Benefits Of Taking Colostrum Supplements

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Colostrum or first milk, is what cows and similar animals feed to their young to develop their immune system and give them all the nutrients they need. Colostrum supplements are growing in popularity because of their great health benefits to your gut, immune system and overall body. If you aren't sure if colostrum supplements are right for you, check out these three benefits of adding colostrum to your diet.

Better Intestinal Health

Your intestines are an integral part of your body because it helps remove waste from your body and detoxify you. Unfortunately, a lot of problems can affect your intestinal health, such as the immunoglobulin protein slgA. People who suffer from low slgA may be more likely to develop IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and even autism. Taking colostrum supplements boosts your slgA levels, which can reduce inflammation in the gut, which causes many of the previously mentioned conditions. It can also help fight chronic diarrhea in patients with HIV infection or children suffering from rotavirus infection.

Improved Immune System

Your intestines are also largely responsible for your immune health, so taking colostrum supplements can boost your system, making you less susceptible to disease and illness. Also, colostrum supplements contain many more of the immunoglobulin proteins that improve your immune system better than regular cow milk. For people with autoimmune disorders, colostrum supplements can be particularly beneficial. Those suffering from autoimmune disorders commonly experience their immune system attacking their own body. With colostrum supplements, your immune system becomes more able to tell healthy tissue from unhealthy tissue. The lactoferrin in the colostrum also has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Greater Athletic Performance

Colostrum supplements can also be used much like whey protein during training. It helps build lean muscle mass and improves your performance. You'll need to take the colostrum supplements regularly and for a while before you start to see the effects. If you are more interested in building large muscles, however, colostrum may not be the right option. It's best for long-distance athletes, such as cross-country skiers and triathletes who need leaner muscles for less strenuous but long activities.

If you suffer from intestinal distress, want to boost your immune system or are an athlete who wants lean muscles, colostrum supplements could be the right choice. If you are still unsure, or if you would like more information regarding colostrum supplements, contact a health and fitness store in your area today.