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Things You Can Try For Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

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Plantar fasciitis causes foot pain that is sometimes severe. It can take several months for your foot to heal from this condition, and during that time, your pain could be bad enough to interfere with walking. Here are a few ways to deal with the pain while you're waiting on your foot to heal.

Use Rest And Ice For Pain Relief

One reason plantar fasciitis is so painful is due to the inflammation it causes in your tissues. You can help reduce this swelling by elevating your feet on an ice pack a few times throughout the day. Place the ice along the back of your heel or the sole of your foot where you feel pain. Be careful not to burn your skin, especially if you have diabetes or another circulation problem that reduces sensation in your feet. Elevating and resting your feet also relieves strain on injured tissues so they can heal.

Wear A Foot Brace At Night

One of the main symptoms of plantar fasciitis is that the pain is usually worse when your feet have been resting for a long time. The first steps you take after getting out of bed in the morning are often the most painful. One way to reduce morning pain is to wear a foot brace at night. The brace is comfortable enough to sleep in. It is made from stiff fabric and foam, and it is strong enough to hold your foot in a stretched position. This keeps your tendon from tightening while you sleep, and it should make your first few steps in the morning easier to endure.

Try Wearing Heel Pads

The pain from walking may be diminished if you wear heel pads in your shoes. These pads help absorb shock and reduce the amount of stretching in the back of your heel with each step. You can buy the pads as inserts or you can buy plantar fasciitis socks with the pads built into them.

Change Your Shoes

Sometimes, wearing the wrong shoes is a cause of plantar fasciitis. If your shoes are old and worn out, buy a new pair. Choose shoes that support the arch of your foot and wear them most of the day rather than going barefoot. Going barefoot or wearing flat sandals can make your foot pain worse.

Have Gait Problems Treated

Plantar fasciitis could be caused by a problem with the way you walk. You might have a foot roll or an abnormality in your foot that puts strain on the tendons. A podiatrist can help with this problem by making custom orthotic inserts for your shoes that support your feet and correct the abnormal movement that causes strain and pain.

Unfortunately, there may not be a quick fix for your plantar fasciitis. You may have pain off and on for several months until healing is complete. The tips above may help you deal with pain, but seeking treatment from a doctor or podiatrist, such as at Foot & Ankle Care Center PA, is the best way to make sure your foot heals properly and as quickly as possible.