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Consider Botox Injections In These Locations As Part Of Your "Mom Makeover"

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The average mom will often devote much of her day to caring for her family members, which makes it important to give to herself from time to time. If you're in this situation and you feel as though you've sacrificed caring for your own looks, it may be time to make yourself a priority again. If you're thinking about the ways that you can treat yourself to a "mom makeover," one type of procedure that you can get is Botox injections. This simple procedure can alter your appearance in a pleasing manner. There are a number of spots around your face for which Botox injections are suitable. Here are some suggestions.


One of the big visual changes that Botox injections can provide is a reduction in the wrinkles in your skin. If you've developed forehead wrinkles over the years, your forehead might be a location on your face that you're not happy about. A series of careful injections along these lines can alter their appearance, making them much less visible to not only other people, but also to yourself when you gaze in the mirror.

Outside Of Eyes

As women age, they often develop lines running away from the outside edge of their eyes. These lines, which are often present when you smile, are commonly known as "crow's feet." Many women don't like this feature on their face and may even strive to avoid smiling because of the lines' increased visibility when they do that. It's not pleasant to go through life trying to avoid smiling, so consider Botox injections in this region. They'll greatly help to diminish these lines, which can make you feel better about your appearance.


Wrinkles around the neck are increasingly common as you age, and you may have pronounced wrinkles in this area as a result of recently losing weight. Your eyes may be drawn to this part of your body when you look in the mirror, and you may feel self-conscious about it. Some women will go to considerable lengths to cover their neck wrinkles, including wearing high-collared shirts or scarves to mask this issue. An alternative to covering up your body in this manner is Botox injections. A series of injections in this region can diminish the lines for you.

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