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3 Things to Know When Considering Assisted Living

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Whether it's someone looking down the road at their own post retirement years or simply just caring for an aging relative, planning for long term care is very important. Almost 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will need some form of long term care at some point during the remainder of their lives. For many, this means residing in an assisted living facility. These facilities are able to offer support to those who are not able to live alone but still want some independence.

While assisted living may be the right solution for many as they age, there are a few things to consider.


The first thing that needs to be considered is cost. The median monthly cost for a one bedroom unit in an assisted living facility is a pricey $3,500. Paying for this can be a challenge. Many choose to tap into their home's equity in order to pay for assisted living either in the form of a reverse mortgage or a bridge loan.

Depending on the state of residence as well as yearly income, Medicaid may cover some or all of the costs associated with assisted living. For those who are looking toward their own future or who have relatives who won't need assisted living for a while, long term care insurance is a great choice. 

Different Levels of Assisted Living

Another thing to consider when it comes to assisted living is that there are different levels when it comes to the amount of care received. Most assisted living facilities offer help with daily activities and medication management. However, the amount of care can differ from facility to facility with some resembling nursing homes more than others. Getting a good idea of the amount of services provided by the facility is a must before making a decision. If more intensive medical care is needed, a nursing home may be the better choice.

Impact on Your Family

Another thing to consider when looking into assisted living is the impact it can have on a family. Putting a loved one into an assisted living facility can be a difficult choice. It can also be a difficult transition for someone entering into the facility. Making sure that mental health resources are available if needed is important. Providing care for a family member can also be mentally taxing. Often making use of an assisted living facility can remove some of these burdens and be a good thing for the entire family.

Assisted living is something that many people require as they age. It's important to consider the cost of these facilities before making the decision to use them. There are also differing levels of assisted living with some assisted living facilities offering more advanced care than others. These facilities can also have a big impact on families. Entering into the facility can be stressful for the aging family member but it can also give caregivers a break and decrease stress. 

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