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Tips For Coping With Laser Hair Removal Pain

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Laser hair removal is a great way to make sure that you are able to get the smooth skin that you are looking for without risking accidentally cutting yourself while shaving or having to waste money on razors and shaving gel. However, some people might be worried about the pain that is associated with laser hair removal. The pain that some people feel is a result of the fact that the laser is very hot. Here are some tips for coping with that pain and minimizing it as much as possible.

1. Find a Laser Hair Removal Place That Uses Cooling Spray

One way to negate the pain that you might feel as a result of the laser is to simply find a laser hair removal facility that uses a laser that automatically sprays cool air or gel on your skin a second or two before the laser hits, allowing the heat to not make your skin hot to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

2. Ask for Aloe Vera

If you cannot find a laser hair removal facility that has a laser that sprays a cooling gel before the laser touches your skin, then you can always ask the laser hair removal professional to apply aloe vera to your skin before you go through the laser hair removal process and after. This will help your skin cool down more rapidly, allowing you to ensure that you experience as little pain as possible.

3. Use a Stress Ball

Most people do not find the pain for laser hair removal to be particularly painful and that the worst part of the process is the huge buildup they had in their mind about the pain. If you focus too much on the discomfort, you are going to experience it more greatly. You can use a stress ball to take your mind off of the pain, which will tend to cause you to experience the pain less intensely.

4. Ice Pack

Finally, consider bringing an ice pack with you if you are getting multiple areas of your body done. You can use the ice pack to cool down the completed part of your body while another part is having its hair removed. This will let you localize the pain and keep it from becoming overwhelming.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in laser hair removal, or visit websites like They might have other information about pain management for you.