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3 Signs You Should Not Get Married

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Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. Not only are you able to share moments with one another, but you also can learn a great deal about others and your own personality. While some relationships do lead to a happy ending, others may result in an unhappy, tumultuous marriage and divorce. If you are currently engaged and wondering when and if you should set a wedding date, use this guide to determine if you should really get married.

You Have Doubts

Reading an article on signs that you should not get married is not necessarily having doubts. However, if you are constantly having negative thoughts about your impending marriage, it may not be the right decision for you.

Postpone the wedding until the doubts are gone. Or, cancel the wedding altogether if you are unable to shake the uneasiness. More and more people need to trust their gut, since instinctual feelings are brought on by your brain/body telling you something very important.

There Is Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is never acceptable. Many people feel a physical altercation, such as a slap, hit, or kick, is a one-time issue. You may think the abuse will not occur again or you may believe marriage will change your partner's violent tendencies. Unfortunately, physical abuse almost always continues.

Staying in an abusive relationship is not only life-threatening, but it could also lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. In addition, raising children in an abusive home places them in danger while showing them that this violent behavior is acceptable.

Canceling the wedding is urgent, but you should also get out of the relationship completely if you are being abused.

You Argue Over Money

While surprising to learn, couples will fight about money twice as much as they will fight about sex. If you and your partner are already arguing or disagreeing about money before marriage, these arguments will become even more problematic while you are married.

In many instances, financial disagreements can quickly wreak havoc on a marriage, resulting in divorce. Before getting married, discuss your financial goals in detail. You should know how much debt each other currently have and how much money you are making. Make sure each of you understand how you want to spend or save your money.

These discussions are not pleasant, but they are essential before getting married.

Marriage is not meant to be a short-term commitment, so confidence is imperative before your wedding day. If you are noticing one or more of these signs, you and your current partner may not be fit to marry. For more relationship advice, contact therapists like Sharon O'Connell, MA.