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5 Trends In Eyeglasses To Be Aware Of

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While prescription glasses may change the way that you see the world, the type of glasses you choose can change the way the world sees you. Every year the fashion and technology around glasses changes, and it is important to be aware of the options that are available to you. Below you will find five trends that you should be aware of while you look for eyeglasses for you or your children in the coming year. 

Fitness Glasses 

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular, and manufacturers are currently finding unique ways to integrate technology into one of the most common accessories that Americans wear on a daily basis: eyeglasses. 

One type of technology embedded in eyeglasses that are scheduled to hit the market within the year is a basic fitness monitor. This monitor will be able to track aspects of your fitness including the distance you travel, the number of steps you take, and your posture. Information can be sent to an app on your smartphone and will be processed in a way to help you understand your overall health and spot problems early. 

Prescription Smart Glasses

Smart glasses sales are expected to boom over the next three years as more brands and options hit the market. It is estimated that by 2018, 10 million pairs of smart glasses will be sold annually

As this type of technology becomes more popular, you can expect that it will also be more affordable and accessible to people who use a wide range of prescriptions or even bifocal glasses. 

Wooden-framed Glasses 

With all of the highly-technical options for eyeglasses hitting the market, it should not be a surprise that some manufacturers have decided to offer eyeglasses on the other end of the spectrum. Wooden eyeglasses offer a stylish solution that features low environmental impact and natural materials. Some manufacturers even go as far as locally sourcing their raw material and utilizing renewable energy during the manufacturing process. 

If you are eco-conscious and want a natural choice for your eye wear, you should look out for the increasing number of wood frames that are currently hitting the market. 

Free Glasses for Children

If a child needs prescription glasses, it is important that they wear them. Glasses can help a child's vision develop properly. They also play a critical role in children being able to concentrate and excel at school. Unfortunately, many children who have vision problems do not have access to vision screenings or glasses. However, many organizations, government bodies, and companies are working to make glasses affordable for all children who need them. 

Recent initiatives that offer free vision screenings at schools and discounted or free glasses to those who need them can be seen across the country. In addition to local programs, there are many national programs that are making sure children have access to the eye wear they need. 

Online Sales 

Currently, only about 5% of eyeglasses are sold online, but that percentage is increasing. As more people try online shopping, trust in the industry is growing. Some people may insist that trying on glasses in person is the only way to get the proper fit, but many optometrists will happily supply you with the measurements you need to get a well-fitted pair of glasses, and liberal return policies make online shopping less risky. 

However, for specialty lenses such as bifocals, or when a perfect fit is required for comfort or medical reasons, people may continue to shop in person. 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a family member, it is important to realize the scope of modern glasses and get the best pair for your lifestyle.