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Cosmetic Cosplay: Emulating Your Favorite Villain Smiles

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Dressing up as your favorite superhero or sci-fi character requires serious commitment in the cosplay world. If you're looking to take things one step further, then consider visiting a cosmetic dentist for a nice change. With a little professional work, you can have your mouth look just like your favorite villain from the cosplay universe. These changes can be placed permanently in your mouth or as just a temporary change.

The following five villainous characters have unique mouths that you can easily have replicated.

The Joker

He may be an insane mastermind with scars all over his face, but you cannot deny the perfect smile that The Joker has displayed through multiple comic books, video games, and TV shows. A cosmetic dentist has the ability to give you that Joker smile, you just need to add the make-up to complete the effect.

As a part of this procedure, your mouth will likely be whitened to a stark white. Any uneven teeth will be replaced with implants to give your mouth a straight smile. Metal fillings and caps can be replaced with porcelain ones to give you a clean smile. Long teeth may get filed down to replicate the even smile that The Joker showcases. It's a good idea to have an image for inspiration so the dentist has something to work off of.


In "Iron Man 2," Tony Stark took on the evil villain Whiplash. Along with his trademark tattoos, Whiplash sported a smile filled with gold tooth caps. This is an easy procedure that can also help cover up any chipped or decaying teeth you have in your mouth. The gold caps on Whiplash went over a majority of his visible teeth, including the top and bottom teeth.

If you do not want permanent caps, then you can inquire about temporary gold caps made to fit over your teeth much like a mouth guard. The dentist will use a mold of your mouth to make the caps look as realistic as possible. This is similar to the same procedure that was used for the Whiplash character in the film.


One of Wolverine's biggest enemies is the mutant known as Sabretooth. Sprouting claws and large fangs, Sabretooth looks like a beast from the wild combined with a human form. For the mouth, you can have the same fang smile that Sabretooth sports.

To get this smile, a dentist will file your teeth down into points. Before the procedure, the dentist will examine your mouth to ensure that it can be completed properly. The main concerns when getting this procedure done are decaying teeth or your tooth position. If approved, the process is relatively pain-free and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Someone with a similar smile to Sabretooth is the evil villain Tombstone. One of Spider-Man's main villains, Tombstone is known for his fighting skills and super-human strength. Along with his massive size, Tombstone has a jaw filled with razor sharp teeth. Like the Sabretooth process, you can have multiple teeth filed down into sharp points. Not only will this help you look like Tombstone, but you can chew through a nice piece of meat.

Tombstone's teeth are also capped in silver. If wanted, you can have your whole mouth capped in silver to match the look of Tombstone. A professional dentist capping is the best way to prevent damage to your mouth while wearing the cap.

Darth Maul

Star Wars cosplay is very common, especially the colorful red and black villain known as Darth Maul. Your Darth Maul costume isn't complete without having some cosmetic changes done to your smile. Darth Maul has stained and dirty teeth. With the same processes used in Hollywood and stage productions, a cosmetic dentist can actually duplicate and paint stains onto your teeth.

Unlike really staining your teeth, this process is safe and does no permanent damage to the teeth. It can last for numerous weeks until the dentist takes it off or reapplies a new coating for additional costumed days.

Before going into any procedure, a consultation appointment is recommended. A dentist will examine your mouth for any problems or cleaning that needs to be done before the actual process. For more information, contact a local cosmetic dentistry clinic like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry