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New Technology Cures Allergy Symptoms With Laser Therapy

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Do you suffer from allergies? Have you altered your lifestyle to avoid your allergy triggers or succumbed to daily doses of antihistamines and decongestants? If so, you'll be happy to hear about a new breakthrough in allergy treatment that utilizes lasers and a computerized biofeedback system to bring relief to long-term allergy sufferers. Read on or click here to find out more.

How Does Laser Treatment For Allergies Work?

A person experiences an allergic reaction to a substance because their body, for one reason or another, decides to deem that substance as dangerous. When the person comes in contact with an allergen, their brain tells their immune system that it must do something to rid the body of the invader -- it must make the nose run, the eyes water, or the throat cough.

When a patient begins laser treatment for allergies, a little tab is placed on their finger, which connects them to a computerized biofeedback machine. The machine uses radio frequencies to create digital copies of suspect-allergens, and then delivers those frequencies to the patient.

The patient's body is tricked by the digital allergens into thinking it has come in contact with a real allergens, and begins to react accordingly. As the patient responds to the digital allergens, the biofeedback machine records the exact neurological location of the reaction, as well as the severity of the reaction, and then transmits this information to an induction laser. 

The laser will then stimulate the nerve bundles identified by the biofeedback machine. This stimulation causes the nerve bundles to release hormones that stimulate a pleasurable association with the allergen. Over time (often in as little as 8 - 12 sessions), the nerve bundles begin to respond favorably to the allergen stimuli on their own, without the use a laser. The process conditions the brain to replace negative reactions with positive reactions when faced with an allergen.  

Is The Procedure Painful?

It is not at all painful to receive laser treatment for allergies. You may experience slight reactions to the digital allergens, such as sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, or a runny nose, but your body's reaction will be minimal.

The laser used in the procedure is a cold laser applied to the outside of the body. The only thing you will experience during laser treatment is a small light beam being shined on your head and spine, and in some cases your arms, hands, and/or feet. 

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is safe. There are over 20 years of research documenting the benefits of laser treatment for allergies, and the Federal Drug Administration approved the procedure in 2008. Possible side-effects cause no more discomfort than one would experience with a common cold, and there are no long-term negative effects. 

Does It Matter What Kind Of Allergies You Have?

Not at all. The biofeedback machine can detect and replicate nearly any kind of food, pet, or environmental allergen. Most systems can test for over 100,000 different types of allergens, 1000 at a time!

Will Your Health Insurance Cover The Costs?

Laser treatment for allergies is still considered an elective treatment, so most insurance plans won't cover the cost of it. However, with an average price tag of $975 - $1600, the procedure could prove to be cheaper than a year's supply of over-the-counter allergy relief. If you think laser treatment is right for you, ask your laser clinic if they offer any financing options.

If you've tried all the conventional methods of allergy relief and you're still suffering, it may be time to think outside the box. Contact a laser treatment facility near you and ask if they offer laser treatment for allergy relief. If they do, schedule a consultation immediately so you can begin your path to an allergy-free future.