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9 Must-Haves For A Smooth Breast Augmentation Recovery

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If you're getting ready to have breast augmentation surgery, you probably have a lot on your mind. Will you love your new breasts? Will **ahem** everyone else love them? These are all normal jitters, but have you given much thought to what you need after surgery? No worries. This list covers most everything you'll want to have on hand, from medications all the way to entertainment, so your recovery is as enjoyable as it can be.

Lots of Pillows

Seriously, you can't have too many. Not only will it add to your comfort, but most doctors recommend sleeping in an upright position for a while after your surgery. Plenty of pillows will keep you comfy all night. If you want, you can even purchase a reading pillow, otherwise known as a bed-rest pillow. They have armrests and are less likely to flatten out during the night.

Precooked Meals

You may feel like getting back into your cooking groove within a few days. But for some women, it takes a little longer. Most patients are back at work after a week, so it wouldn't hurt to plan on having one week's worth of food in the freezer, or at a minimum, plenty of delivery menus.

Recovery Partner

You'll need someone to drive you home after surgery and watch you for the first 24 hours. But if you live alone, it's also a good idea to ask a friend or loved one to be your recovery partner, at least for a few days. If you have pets, you won't feel up to walking them or scooping litter boxes. It will also be incredibly beneficial to have someone warm up your meals, brush your hair, and help you get in and out of bed.

Filled Prescriptions

Your doctor should have no trouble providing you with any necessary prescriptions in advance. Having them handy as soon as you get home can prevent the pain from setting in as fast, and it will minimize any post-operative errands that need to be taken care of.

Several Bras

You will probably go home with a medical bra, but it's a good idea to have a nice selection of comfortable ones to wear as you recover. You'll want to get one or two that are slightly larger than what you'll ultimately need in order to accommodate for swelling. Stay away from underwire bras and anything that is overly tight that could cut off your circulation.

It will take a few weeks for most of the swelling to go down, with the rest of it subsiding within a few months. After that, your breasts should take on a natural shape and be ready for the bra of your dreams. 

Hot and Cold Compresses

The surgeon will guide you on whether to use hot or cold compresses. Cold packs are very common, and heat can sometimes exacerbate swelling, so be sure you get your doctor's okay to use heat. Plan on having a total of four ice packs or individual bags of frozen peas. That way you'll always have two in the freezer while you're ice packing your surgical sites.


Because your activities will be limited, it's definitely a good idea to prepare for your recovery by having plenty of movies, books, and games on hand. Some women have a little trouble sleeping, so a book light can come in handy, too.

Goody Bag

Before surgery day, make yourself a goody bag to keep next to your bed at home, and fill it with the following treats: candy, headbands, hair ties, lip balm, a compact mirror, makeup, hand and face lotion, a hair brush, hand wipes, and breath mints. Be sure to include anything you'd like to have close by for when unexpected visitors show and you don't feel like getting out of bed to make yourself presentable.

Comfy Clothes

Sweat pants and stretchy tops will be your best friend as you recover. Make sure your tops either zip or button, as you won't be able to raise your arms very easily for a day or so. You also won't be able to bend down for a while, so be sure to have a pair of slippers and some comfortable walking shoes that you can slide into hands free.

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