Soothing a Fever

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Nutritious And Labor Friendly Foods To Offer Pregnant Mothers

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If you are a midwife, then it is your job to help expectant mothers through the birthing process. You will most likely assist with home births and this means that birthing pools, essential oils, and heating pads are things that you commonly use. It can take five hours or more for a mother to go through active labor, and this means that you will spend a great deal of time helping mothers through their deliveries. Read More»

6 Ways That Rapid Prototyping Is Revolutionizing Health Care

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Technology has revolutionized the health care industry in ways that seem almost like the stuff of science fiction novels. No one would have thought just twenty short years ago that printers would someday be able to create reproductions of so many different things – including body parts! Nonetheless, rapid prototyping, otherwise known as 3-D printing, has helped the health care industry make giant strides in keeping people keeping healthy and happy. Read More»

New Technology Cures Allergy Symptoms With Laser Therapy

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Do you suffer from allergies? Have you altered your lifestyle to avoid your allergy triggers or succumbed to daily doses of antihistamines and decongestants? If so, you’ll be happy to hear about a new breakthrough in allergy treatment that utilizes lasers and a computerized biofeedback system to bring relief to long-term allergy sufferers. Read on or click here to find out more. How Does Laser Treatment For Allergies Work? A person experiences an allergic reaction to a substance because their body, for one reason or another, decides to deem that substance as dangerous. Read More»

Home Care Is More Than Just Medical Treatment: 2 Different Ways Specialists Can Help Your Elderly Parent

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When most people think of home care, they usually think of hospice workers visiting to take care of people who have serious medical conditions or other special needs. Because of this misconception, most people decide against home care services if their parent is elderly, but otherwise in good health. However, home care services can help with more than just keeping track of medication and switching out bandages. Here are two different ways that home care specialists can assist your elderly parent, and why you should think about hiring some help today. Read More»

How To Alleviate Your Snapping Hip Symptoms Until You See An Orthopedic Doctor

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If you experience swelling and pain in your hips, you need to see an orthopedic doctor for treatment. You may have snapping hip syndrome. But until you see an orthopedic doctor, you may want to find relief for your symptoms now. Here are some things you should know about snapping hips and ways you can keep the symptoms at bay until your orthopedic appointment. Why Do You Have Snapping Hips? Read More»

First-, Second-, And Third-Degree Burns: Which Do You Have?

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Before you decide whether to go to a walk-in clinic or emergency room, you must first distinguish a minor burn from a serious burn. According to the American Burn Association, there was an estimated 450,000 burn injuries that received medical treatment in 2013. Burn injuries are separated into three primary classifications, including first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns. If you’ve suffered a burn, use the following guide to determine the seriousness of your injury. Read More»